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Includes: 2 Mini Max Pumps 5 x 5 in. blocks. 1/2 pressure port and 3/8 return ports with Red�s backing plates, Red�s Super Pump Head #9, Red�s ball bearing motor cap, Red�s Tank plugs, 4 Red�s dumps if available (4 chrome delta dumps otherwise), Chrome fittings, chrome check valves & chrome slowdowns, Chrome 8in cylinders, 10in cylinders, Deep cups, Reverse deep cups, Donuts, Power Balls, 2 15ft hoses, 3ft hose, 4ft hoses, 4 return hoses, 6 Solenoids with connectors, 4 hole switch panel, 4 switches & switch wire.

FBSS/FBCC 2-Pump Mini Max Kit

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